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Monday, April 30, 2012

Pink backpack instructions

This pink backpack is a great gift idea.  The way I made this backpack was I picked what I wanted to embroider on it, then  decided the size I wanted.  I cut four pieces the same size and sewed two together down the sides and the bottom. Then I sewed the other the same way. Then I folded the bottom corners indivually into triangles and sewed across triangle about 3" in to make a square bottom.  I did this on all four bottom corners.  I then put the lining inside and made sure the corners and everything squared off.  Once I was sure everything was straight I pinned the bias tape across the top of the back pack and then sew into place folding over the end so it is hiden in the back side somewhere.  I have a grommet press but you can get a grommet kit or grommet pliers( I will insert pictures of both below).  You make the hole as instructed in your packaging. One at each side near the bottom and six across the top ( you can make how as many holes as you desire, but 6 works the best for the drawstring).  I have found that a polyester cord works best for the backpacks. Figure out how long you need your string to be to go over your back or over your shoulder.  Don't forget you need two seperate pieces for each shoulder.  You thread it through the holes one side and knot it on the bottom, and do the same for the other.  Hope you enjoy it.

Dritz 1p Grommet Plier Kit-for 3/8 Inch GrommetsBrass Grommet Kit Size 0 (1/4 in.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

From store bought panels to Custom goblet pleats


  Rod pocket store bought panel


Custom goblet pleats and side trim.
I added a lining to the back with a regular 3 inch double hem so that it hangs properly.  I  figured out the size pleats I wanted and stitched them to the top from the hem line.  Then I tacked four inches down and half an inch over to make the great pleat. 

The second treatment just looks more finished more formal.  I love it