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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to fix plumbers pants problems

Here are step by step instructions to fix your plumbers pants, so your underwear don't show when wearing jeans. We will be working on the inside waistband of the jeans.
1. Cut buttonhole on inside of waistband near second loops.
2. Cut elastic to lenght you need.
3. Turn under double half inch and stich to finish edge.

4. Stitch a button on waistband above seam where pocket starts.

5. Insert elastic through hole and feed out other side.
6. Cut button hole on the elastic and button the button on the elastic.
7. Sew the elastic down flat on the center back of the pants close to the belt loop ( remember to back stitch). Make sure the elastic is even in both sides before stitching down.
8. Try them on and if you need to cut another hole in the elastic to make them tighter then you can do so.
This is a great way to solve that plumbers problem and still be able to get the jeans or other pants over your hips. 

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