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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sewing Classes

People keep asking me about sewing classes. What is it about sewing that they like? How come people keep coming in to sew? 
Well here is the truth. People come in because they like to create something. People can't believe that in two hours they can make a wristlet, a teddy bear, some even pajama pants. They leave here saying it's a great feeling to create something. People come in not knowing how to use a sewing machine and then leave with the confidence to use it and make something on their own. 

It's a great feeling to turn your bag inside out and it's done. It's also a great feeling when you finish stuffing your teddy bear. People leave here saying it's so exciting and until you try it you really will never know. Give sewing a try and look around you and see how many things around you are really sewn. 

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