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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sewing Classes

People keep asking me about sewing classes. What is it about sewing that they like? How come people keep coming in to sew? 
Well here is the truth. People come in because they like to create something. People can't believe that in two hours they can make a wristlet, a teddy bear, some even pajama pants. They leave here saying it's a great feeling to create something. People come in not knowing how to use a sewing machine and then leave with the confidence to use it and make something on their own. 

It's a great feeling to turn your bag inside out and it's done. It's also a great feeling when you finish stuffing your teddy bear. People leave here saying it's so exciting and until you try it you really will never know. Give sewing a try and look around you and see how many things around you are really sewn. 

Mini tote bag instructions

Cut two pieces of material 
8"wide by 9" high 
Cut two handles
To desired lenght 
Stitch around three sides, make sure you backstitch at the beginning and end.
Fold the corners into a triangle to form the bottom. For this size I did two inches from the center of the needle to the tape. ( I like to use the tape when teaching these so both sides are the same.)
Fold the top over double 1/2" and pin handles in place. 
Stitch across top, make sure you secure handles by going back and forth a couple of times on each.
You are done! Congratulations.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Buy local

Today I have a lot of sewing to do. So I thought why not go to my favorite breakfast place and get myself a nice omelette. I walk in like I always do get my coffee look at the menu and I was get the same thing a western omelette with wheat toast. Seriously why change when something is good. 
You're thinking what does this have to do with sewing. It doesn't other than the fact that it's a local small business, just like mine. It was just so nice to sit there and see when someone was leaving and needed help with their coat somebody was there to help him put it on. You don't get that through drive-through. 
People say sewing is a lost art, I feel sitting down to enjoy in a nice breakfast is a lost art. Sewing a lot of fun for a lot of people. People love coming in taking a creative break and making something. Now if there was just a way to make them slow down and enjoy their breakfast.