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Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's been a rough week

Monday my son was sick. Tuesday he went to school and I went to work came out at 12:30 to find out someone had hit my car and left, luckly someone got the plate and called the police. Wednesday my daughter was sick, Thursday my son and daughter were both sick, Friday my son was sick.
I am so lucky my studio is so close I was able get there when my husband got home to finish what I needed.  I got a lot of paper work done, I was able to finish up some computer stuff I had planned on doing when I had some free time.  Things did not go the way I planned this week, but isn't that how the saying goes. Life happens when you are making other plans

I was able to start shipping aprons to Canada and Europe in between doctors appointments and taking care of two sick kids along with everything else that needed to be done.  My Windows 7 phone came in very handly this week. I was still able to design a new apron that I think will do very well. Hope you like it.

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