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Friday, December 30, 2011

Embroidery problems

Today I learned that when you are trying to do out and embroidery and it doesn't look right it might be your bobbin.
First off I thought it might be the needle, I don't remember the last time I changed it.  Who really does? So I changed the needle still same problem, it wasn't smooth. I could see the white outline around some of my design.
I tought maybe the bobbin is getting low, no it was fine. I have been using store bought prewound bobbins, so I decided to wind my own sure enough the design came out beautiful.  Sometimes it's something so simple as replacing your bobbin and we waste your time thinking something is wrong with the design or something we did.
Hopefully next time this happens that will be the first thing I check.  I wish my machine had a little beep and said did you check the bobbin. It just beeped at me and showed the thread broke, so why not that?

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