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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great square pillow

     In order to brighten up  this room I decided to add this lime green pillow to this brown sofa. There are also a couple cream pillows and a brown and green pillow to tie everything up. Notice the square pillow, it's actually square, it does not have pointed corners.
     Have you always wanted a great square pillow, but ended up with a pillow with pointed corners? If you make 16" square pillow or any size for that matter you can make it look square without the points.  I have this pillow template that tapers the ends and the pillows come out great each time and you only need one pattern for various sizes.
     This particular pillow I  made with a zipper so it can be washed. I did prewash the fleece fabric because I knew it was a material that was going to have a lot of use I needed to make sure it would be ok to fabricate.  It is great and so soft.
      Contact me and I will tell you where I got my template.

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