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Friday, November 11, 2011

I made myself a backpack

     Today I finally made myself a backpack.  I have been making them for my son, his friends, to sell on Etsy, now I have my own and I love it.  My backpacks are made out of rip stop nylon.  They are durable and easy to wash. 
     I think my son has four or five different ones.  He has one for each soccer team he likes and/or plays for. Now I have my own. The front I did because I was trying my logo out and the back because I thought it was funny. I'm still working on digitizing and am not sure if this is going to be my final embroidered logo, but I think it is getting close.
     Now I can personalize the front and back of the backpacks with almost anything, depending on your mood. It can be your soccer backpack or dancing backpack, or you can have a funny saying on it, maybe a nice flower. 

     This just goes to show that you actually have time to sew for yourself once in a while.  

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