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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cover Stitch with pictures

Cover stitch done with double needle on a knit dress.

I had to do alterations on some knit dresses and went to price out a cover stitch machine and had sticker shock.  I thought well I will just go back to doing things the way I normally do them.

This is how I do a cover stitch

  1. Shorten  hem as always .

  1. Serge bottom of hem.

  1. Turn hem under and press with pressing cloth so as not to burn the item.

  1. Turn the item over, press again and pin hem on the right side of the fabric.

  1. Insert double needle into your machine. Thread with two spools of thread. Make sure you run both threads through the same tension disk.

  1. Put your machine into a double needle position if it has one.

  1. Make sure your serged edge is completely under the  presser foot or it will not catch on both sides of the material.

  1.  Use the markings on your sewing  machine as a guide to keep you sewing straight.
Use measuring lines to keep your stitching straight or you can use masking tape to make lines in between

Under side of dress. Serged edge and bobbin stitching.

 9. Your stitching is complete just make sure you watch the end very careful, because now you have two stitching lines to match up not just one.

Hope this helps if you have any questions just email me.

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