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Friday, January 18, 2013

Wristlet how to

Here is the wristlet information everyone really needs. I'm going to write it up like a recipe with pictures. I'm not putting any sizes because you can make it any size or shape you want. If you want to add any ribbon or anything else to your fabric sew it on your designer fabric first while it is still a single piece. If you have any questions message me.

2 pieces of designer fabric (cut to your requirements)
2 pieces of lining fabric ( cut to your requirements)
Zipper (length of opening)

1. Place Designer or outside fabric on table facing up. Place zipper facing down on designer fabric. Place lining over zipper and designer fabric. Pin. Stitch
2. Put designer fabric right side up put completed piece over designer fabric and line up zipper. Place line over zipper, pin stitch.
3. Open up all 4 pieces and top stitch each top and bottom. Make sure you move the zipper foot to the other side if you need to.
4. Now here is the tricky part. Take both lining pieces together and both designer or outside pieces together. And pin them.
5. Match center seams and pin leave zipper open half way for easier turning and sewing. Pin all around except for about 2" on bottom of lining ( very important for turning later). If you are placing a wrist strap you would do that now. That would go about 1 1/2" from your zipper opening for safety. Now you can sew.
6. Turn inside out pull out corners and you have a wristlet or make-up bag. You just need to sew up the bottom of the lining. That is just a straight stitch and you're done.

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