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Monday, October 7, 2013

Basic Sewing Supplies

Here is a list of the basic sewing supplies you will need with pictures. These are the ones I can't do without for all types of sewing. These are the items I keep multiples of.

1. Fabric snips on a clip, so I can clip them to my shirt.

2. Fabric scissors.

3. Pins

4. Magnetic bowl or pin cushion 

5. Tracing wheels

7. Marking chalk or pencil
8. Tracing or wax paper

9. Measuring gauge 

10. Tape measure

11. Seam ripper 

12. Thread

13. Thread conditioner (wax) (Thread Heaven) 

14. Hand sewing needles
15. Yard stick
16. Thimble

There are a lot of different tools that I have incorporated from sewing all different kinds of projects into my regular sewing and these are a few. They are not necessary but, if you plan on doing a lot of different types of sewing I would definitely recommend that also get in the items below.
I also like to have a self healing cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter on hand (rotary cutters are not meant to be used on anything but cutting mats, they definitely will ruin your table or anything else you try to used them on). They are very sharp and you need to be careful, make sure you close it when not in use.
If I'm doing window treatments I also like to have a 72 inch metal ruler. 
I believe that is about it for basic tools. Remember sewing  is supposed to be a relaxing experience the only mistake you can make is cutting ( remember measure twice cut once) and not a big deal we just go out to Fabric store and get new fabric. If you make a mistake sewing, you just use your seam ripper that's what it's for.
Happy sewing,

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