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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zipper pouch

Zippered pouch 

Supplies needed
4 pieces of fabric the same size
Zipper the same size as top of your bag or pouch
Standard sewing machine foot and zipper foot

1. Place zipper face down on right side of fabric (facing outside fabric).

2. Place lining fabric on top of back side of zipper and pin all three layers. Make sure all three edges are even.

3. Unzip zipper a little before you start sewing so you don't have a bump near the zipper pull. Stitch zipper using your zipper foot. Make sure you remember to back stitch at the beginning and end of the zipper. (Hint when doing zippers always open it a little sew until you are near the zipper pull, but not on top of it and close the zipper that way you don't get that bump around the pull and continue sewing).

4. Open up fabric

5. Place outside fabric over zipper and lining under zipper as shown and stitch. Remember to leave zipper open a little when you are sewing.

6. Open all four layers and pin all around make sure the outside fabric edges all meet and the lining edges all meet. Leave a hole at the bottom in the lining so you can turn it inside out. 

7. Stitch all around remember to leave a hole and backstitch at beginning and end. When you get to your corners put your needle down lift your presser foot and turn your fabric so you have a sharp corner, lower your presser foot and continue sewing. Make sure you do that for all four corners.  Careful when you sew near the edge of your zipper. 

8. Turn it inside out and close the hole in the lining either by machine or by hand.

9. Push corners out and lining in and you are done!

Congratulations, I'm so proud!

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