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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cute Pillowcase Dress How-To by guest writers: Angelina and Isabella

This blog is being taken over temporarily by worker bees Izzy and Angelina as they guide you through a simple tutorial for a pillowcase dress. This cute and easy project is suitable for kids or teens as a beach cover-up, a fun party dress, or a casual sun dress. Work alongside with us as we put together this adorable outfit.

Step 1: Fold your fabric over to have two panels and decide how long you want your dress to be. We decided to mark it at about 34 inches. Then, we cut the fabric along our marking.


Step 2: Cut down the center between your two folds to create two panels of fabric.

Step 3: Mark where your arm holes will be on both panels. Then cut them out. (At this point you should line up your panels to make sure they are the same length and that there are no irregularities.)

Step 4: Take both pieces of fabric and place them right sides together. Then pin them together along the sides, leaving arm holes open.

Step 5: Get over to your sewing machine and sew both sides of the dress, leaving the top and bottom open.

Step 6: Create a casing for the elastic that will be at the top of your dress. Fold the fabric at the top over and iron it to create a crease, then fold it over again so there are no raw edges. Sew the casing so there is an opening through which you will thread your elastic.

Step 7: Measure and cut your elastic. Cut out two pieces at about a length of 7 inches each.

Step 8: Thread the elastic through the casing, then sew the edges closed on both sides. (Remember to backstitch the edges!)

Step 9: Place Bias tape along the sides where the arm holes will be. (We used Bias tape but ribbon will work just as well.) Pin the tape, then sew it on. When sewed, the Bias tape will be ribbon-like and tie above the shoulders to create straps.


Step 10: Hem the bottom of your dress, and you're done!

Thanks for sewing with us, we hope you've enjoyed this tutorial for an adorable pillowcase dress.

Until next time!
Peace Out,
Isabella and Angelina

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